About Intra-System: Trust Issues

Intra-System: Trust Issues is a short experimental game based on decisions. You co-operate with a system to communicate with an unknown person. He communicates with you per voice messages and asks for advice as he passes through different rooms.
He trusts you.

Are you a nice person and willing to help him?

Every playthrough of this audio-adventure takes about 15 minutes to complete. It has a minimal approach to gameplay, focusing on audio and psychological aspects. The decisions you make have a great impact on the game and make every run unique, leading you to one of the various endings.


The development of SmokeSomeFrogs and of our first game has mostly been centered around Daniel. In April 2016 he started working on a game-prototype on his own which was later supposed to be turned into the first project of SmokeSomeFrogs. Besides that, he mainly focuses on his German Youtube-Channel, which will be relevant a few more times throughout this story, where he narrates Creepypastas, all of which he writes himself. When he mentioned his GameDev-plans, one of his viewers, Christopher, approached him and suggested working together.

And that is how SmokeSomeFrogs was founded in July 2016. The aforementioned prototype Daniel had been developing was postponed when Christopher came up with some vague new ideas which, ultimately, were the start of the development of Intra-System: Trust Issues. However, we are now working on Daniel's first prototype as our second game.

As the rough buildup of Intra-System: Trust Issues was gradually finalized in August Daniel asked Helchastor, who would end up voice-acting the protagonist in both the German and the English version. Helchastor is a long-time friend of Daniel's whom he had met on Youtube because he, too, has a channel on which he narrates stories that he writes himself. Although we really enjoy working with him he didn't become a permanent member of SmokeSomeFrogs.

In November, the last member joined the team. Angela, who is also a German narrator and long-time friend of Daniel. Daniel asked her for help with the graphics and, as time went, on she was established more and more as a member of the team.

Originally, the release of Intra-System: Trust Issues was planned for February 2017 but we decided to take some more time to rework the design completely and make a few crucial changes regarding the gameplay mechanics.

That is how it came to be that the game was released on the 26th of April 2017. The future plans of SmokeSomeFrogs include a mobile version and a big content update for Intra-System: Trust Issues later this year as well as the development of an entirely new game.



Selected Articles

"Figuring out the interface is not rocket science, but finding answers is."
Joel Goodwin, Electron Dance

"After he screamed with all the intensity of a hyena caught in a bear trap, I resolved to help him out."
Brendan Caldwell, Rock Paper Shotgun

Fact Sheet

Developer: SmokeSomeFrogs
Release Date: April 26th, 2017
Plattform: Windows, Linux, macOS (via itch.io and Gamejolt)
Availability: Digital Download
DLC Content: Soundtrack, free updates
Price: Pay what you want
Languages: English, German

Websites: itch.io store page, gamejolt store page, smokesomefrogs.com
Contact: protagonist@smokesomefrogs.com
Social: Twitter


• fully voice acted in English and German
• discover different paths and endings
• make decisions which have a great impact on the game
• experience a novel genre approach
• find special unique collectibles
• enjoy the dark atmospheric soundtrack
• find secrets and explore the hidden lore around the setting

About SmokeSomeFrogs

SmokeSomeFrogs is a german IndieDev-Team consisting of three members. We mainly focus on experimental games.

Christopher Schmidt started programming at the age of 13 and has always been interested in experimental games.

Angela Reinert has always had a creative vein. At age 11 she started getting into digital art and web-design. Besides that, she is running a YouTube-Channel, livestreaming, and always looking for new things to try out.

Daniel Spieker loved interactive stories since he was a child and started writing some of his own at an early age; he strives to keep on experimenting with this kind of storytelling. In addition, he is an author and narrator.