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11.05.2019 - by Daniel

I made a new devlog video some days ago! I still want to have better quality but I think this will come naturally over time :)

If you haven't downloaded Intra-System: Trust Issues yet, you can download it here: https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/intra-system-trust-issues

28.04.2019 - by Daniel

Intra-System: Trust Issues version 1.2 "Repolished, Remastered, Repurposed" is out now! :D Thanks a lot to Angela and Devon but especially to Chris!

- Fixed a problem that crashed the game
- Added another piece of music (it's a remix made by Devon!)
- Performance improvements (loads even faster! On some systems the loading times are under 2 seconds)
- Corrected a lot of misspellings in the English version
- Changed a little bit of the text to fit the game more
- Some volumes of the voice acting were adjusted
- Changed loading screen
- Adjusted some waiting times
- Fixed an error in the English UI
- Minor stuff changed
- New loading screen (the old one isn&apos:t usable because it loads too fast)

The game is now much more polished. A good time to dive into the game another time and the best time to check it out first time!

You can download it here for free: https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/intra-system-trust-issues

01.04.2019 - by Daniel

New video :D I made a Youtube Devlog. Check it out if you want :)

29.03.2019 - by Daniel

Last time I wrote: "Long time no see! Sorry – this won't happen again that soon (hopefully)."

I can just repeat this statement and hope that it becomes true this time :D Nevertheless I made a Youtube Devlog which you can check out!

Most of the time I'm working alone these days. I'm engaged and happy! Angela and I seperated last August completely and it was good decision for both of us but we still work together a lot of times. I will help her with marketing tasks and she will help me to find bugs and optimize performance in my games. I'm working on a game at the moment which will be released in a couple of months. I'm still working on the exact style of the game. At the moment, I don't want to speak more about the game but this will change over time.


And I want to announce the 1.2 of Intra-System: Trust Issues! Soon!

11.05.2018 - by Daniel

Long time no see! Sorry – this won't happen again that soon (hopefully). Due to the fact that we were in Berlin at the A MAZE. and visited Poland after that our schedule was a bit all over the place. But we have made two videos nevertheless – first of all our new DevDiary video and second the A MAZE.-Video, check it out if you want to! :)

We make a lot of progress on different things – Angela is doing a lot for Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone and I'm very happy with the new direction because it looks much better than the old art.


We put a lot of emphasis on animation so that the whole game should give you a vivid impression of the story.


Sure enough, we still need to start recording the voice part but at the moment I'm happy with the progress and I hope that we will release the game this month. But we don't want to announce anything yet and give it some freedom to evolve.

Angela also started learning to work with ProBuilder in Unity to help me when we will focus on 3D games – I will do everything related to more complex modelling but Angela can do the basic leveldesign and this should definitely speed up the development. I made a basic sink which is more or less finished right now and I'm practicing everyday.


It will take a bit longer but I'm really confident with this. It wasn’t really that useful when I was learning programming and would only have been applicable in the future and I had no real visual progress. With 3D modelling I can help with future progress and do visual art – something which I never had really access to. I really can't draw so 3D modelling is the best way for me to learn.

We also wanted to thank you for over 3000 Flufftopia downloads! This number is incredible and we never had expected this success. By the way – Angela also started a blog and she will report a bit broader about our progress. I often focus on one project and she thought it would be neat to have a wider perspective. You can look it up on her tumblr or on Steemit! :)

Until next week :D

23.04.2018 - by Daniel

Our game is out now! You can download it here https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/run-for-love


After 72 hours the game jam ends now and we are very happy :D We didn't manage to include a German build and a Linux version but we will put one online after the rating ends. Our speed devlog experiment worked fine and we think that we will do it again - maybe next Ludum Dare? We also made a video about our progress. If you want to you can watch it :D

We also wanted to have more characters, more levels, more more more but we finished it and that's the goal :)

22.04.2018 - by Daniel

Our next video is out now :D

We made some more models and got some sleep :D 21 hours to go - wish us luck :'D

22.04.2018 - by Daniel

We are making progress :D So far we have the basic level layout, some code, some objects and 2D stuff for the dating sim part :D We never did 3D before so we are a bit slow especially in regards to texturing but we learned a lot on the way. I think we will manage to complete the game in time, maybe not with Linux support and maybe not in German but completed.

Hopefully everyone has a nice jam!



21.04.2018 - by Daniel

Hey there,

Ludum Dare started and we thought it would be a neat idea to write a devlog and post one or two entrys a day :D We also make a YouTube video about our progress everyday. You can check out the first one if you want to!

Today was a slow day for us because we went to the birthday party of my grandmother and it's a very long distance for us. We woke up ten minutes before the jam began (three o'clock in the morning in Germany) and discussed the theme in first train we took. We had ideas about a Point & Click racing game (an idea we‘ve been thinking about for quite a long time now for no particular reason), a mashup of a shooter and a dating sim, a horror tower defense game and many more. But none of them stuck with us for different reasons but then I came up with the idea of a mashup of a 3D platforming game and a dating sim with some really weird elements. This idea is perfect for us because I can make 3D models (something I started to learn recently), Angela can make 2D art for the textures and the dating part, it shouldn't be super hard to program (hopefully!) and we can expand or shrink the concept if we need to. We planned on making 3D games in the future nevertheless so it‘s a perfect opportunity to start learning! We want to release it for Windows and Linux but if we don't have enough time left for proper testing we will only make a Windows build (but add a Linux build after the jam). If we have enough time left we are also going to make a German localization but we will see how it is going.

We now have some basic 3D models, some textures and many ideas which we want to implement! We don‘t have that much to show yet though because we‘ve been on the road all day. But this will, of course, change very soon. So, wish us luck :D The next days are going to be interesting :) Until later and happy jamming!

Programs we will be using to make the game:

- Photoshop
- Blender
- Unity 2017
- Visual Studio 2017
- Audacity
- FL Studio
- Visual Studio
- Open Office

20.04.2018 - by Daniel

Hey folks, we changed some of the plans regarding Devastated and decided to make a narrative piece instead of a more traditional Point & Click game. It will be a bit like a walking simulator but in the boundaries of a Point & Click game. We decided this way because we simply weren't happy with the old idea anymore and that meant: change it or scrap it. We changed it and we think the new concept might be even more interesting :D

I hope the game will be finished in the next 2-3 weeks but no promises here! The title won't change and the artstyle will also stay the same. We also have a new video where we speak a bit about the development of Devastated and show some of the process how we are doing the art now :)

Also here's one of the new scenes!

18.04.2018 - by Daniel

Sorry, I'm a bit late! We will participate in the Ludum Dare soon and make videos about every day of it to document our process! That‘s also the reason why our next DevDiary will be coming up tomorrow. You can check out the last one if you want to! We also plan on making a small tutorial for future Itch.io users which will probably be uploaded somewhen next week.

We updated our game jam game News or Truths! It was a relatively big update for our standards but we want to make bigger updates in the future a standard. Among other things we included some voice acting thanks to Devon who recorded very quickly in English and German.

- New graphics for the endings
- A start menu
- Settings
- German localisation
- Linux build
- Cleaned up several text passages
- Fixed some bugs
- Created new bugs
- Also fixed the new ones
- Added voice acting
- Change of the pacing
- Even more graphics
- Some performance tweaks

12.04.2018 - by Daniel


Part 7 of our Dev Diary is out now on YouTube - sorry for being a bit late this time but we were in Berlin and couldn't include it in the website. At the moment, we are working on an update for News or Truths which will be finished soon :D

03.04.2018 - by Daniel

Part 6 of the the DevDiary on YouTube is out since yesterday :)

We speak a lot about the Let's Play from Felps and its impact :D
In the next days I will publish a Postmortem for Flufftopia even though it's not dead already I wanted to share some of the stuff.

01.04.2018 - by Daniel

Hello world!

I thought I would write the next post about Flufftopia when the 1.2 is out which will be in a few weeks/months but it seems that I was mistaken. Anyway, a new update for Flufftopia is out now! Sorry, it's not an April Fools' joke, just a little update. We only wanted to change something in the credits and just push it out silently but then we thought about adding a tiny bit of content to the game. There's one typo in the German version which is fixed now and a new random fact! We also added a new worker :)


We call it the 1.1.1 and it's exactly 1 percent better than ever before! At the moment, we are working on Devastated and make steady progress. In regards to Linux we multibooted an old PC (which I recently bought from a friend) with Solus and Ubuntu (and Windows 8.1) so we have another testing machine (Flufftopia runs nicely on Solus and Ubuntu!) and aren't only relying on my little Lubuntu machine. Still we only tested the 64 bit versions but it seems this is the absolute majority of Linux users today. As we were testing we also found a little error which we fixed (nobody noticed it before). We also changed the compress format for the Linux versions from .zip to .tar.gz because it seems to fit more and afaik the permissions are saved in the .tar.gz file but not in a .zip file. Sorry, if I'm wrong – my knowledge about Linux is still limited but I'm working on it :D

We had a bug on Ubuntu regarding a part of the story where you need to type something and every input was taken twice even if you would just press one time. This seems to be a problem for Ubuntu (in other distros it runs fine) with our particular version of Unity and we simply changed the text that needs to be typed instead of fixing it (workarounds ftw :D). We could have updated Unity but this can lead to horrible outcomes so we just went the safe route. There was also another minor bug which only one person pointed out and we also fixed that.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, JUST DO IT! https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/flufftopia

- Fixed error with the second mine upgrade
- Changed the credits
- A new random fact
- A new worker
- Fixed typo in the German version
- The Linux version is now a .tar.gz file and not a .zip file anymore
- Bug fixes/workarounds

30.03.2018 - by Daniel


Back on track. We initially thought we would continue this devlog in the end of February but it seems that we needed a bit more time. Angela is redoing more of the old art to give the game a consistent and clean look. She also started working on the code for the game and at the moment everything seems to be working. We also are making a little game on the side with a friend of ours. It's also a Point and Click Adventure so we can reuse a bit of the code :D
We wanted to release Devastated in the first quarter of this year but after our programmer left the studio we wanted to create a smaller game first to get enough experience. The outcome was Flufftopia, an experimental clicker game: https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/flufftopia
We are confident that we can release Devastated in the next one or two months :D

Here's a screenshot of some of the redone art :)


28.03.2018 - by Daniel

Hey folks!

First of all thank you so much for the support and the nice feedback :D

We were incredibly lucky and got featured by a YouTuber from Brazil, Felps. He has over two million subscribers and he made a video about Flufftopia! Even though my mom is from Portugal my Portuguese is really bad but I did understand what he said more or less :D

Also we got featured on the Twitter account of Itch.io which was very nice and unexpected since the game has been released two weeks ago :) We thought only new games are featured on Twitter so it was a nice surprise :D
Due to the Let's Play many people visited our page on Itch.io. It's incredible to have so many downloads. Our secret dream was to get 1000 downloads in the first month – at the moment we have over 2000 which is crazy. Our last game Intra-System: Trust Issues has around 1500 downloads after a year now and the numbers of Flufftopia were great for our standards even before the Let's Play. Honestly, it's fucking bananas and came from nowhere. Especially after our horrible launch.

We got asked if we could make an Android version but at the moment we don't want to. It's always kind of a balancing act – when we are porting and testing the ports we can't expand our games/create new ones etc. If we wanted to make a good port for mobile platforms we would need to redesign a lot of the game and we don't think that it fits the platform; also iOS won't happen and Mac isn't very probable in the near future since we don't have one. At the moment, we focus on Devastated and after that we want to work on a new and bigger game and also release the 1.2 of Flufftopia which will contain an Idle Mode, additions to the story and many little tweaks. We also want to expand the list of random facts about Flufftopia because it seems that this is a major part of the experience for many players.

Do YOU have any suggestions for Flufftopia for the major update? It will still need some time and we would appreciate any ideas :D Just write us a mail with your suggestions to protagonist@smokesomefrogs.com :)

26.03.2018 - by Angela

Another week, another DevDiary Video!

We didn't make that much progress last week but at least we managed to learn a lot. Talking about performance and two games Daniel played. Also we are planning to work hard this week so that we can finish a playable prototype of Devastated soon!

19.03.2018 - by Daniel


Part 4 of our Dev Diary series is out now :)

13.03.2018 - by Daniel


Here's our new DevDiary-video :D Have fun! Part 3 :)

10.03.2018 - by Daniel

Hey! Daniel here!

This week was really exciting for us and we are extremely happy with the numbers – if we are lucky we will hit 500 downloads today (we never expected this). After some stressful weeks Angela (MadameYavi) did go on a short vacation for three days and yesterday she got back and we worked on a little update today.

We made only small changes to the game itself because we wanted to focus on porting and testing the ports. First of all the Windows version is now 32 bit instead of 64 bit because the game won't need more than 4 GB of ram and it's absolutely compatible. Also we made a Linux build and actually we didn't want to do this yet (it was planned for the 1.2 version) but we thought: why not? And the 64 bit version worked great on our little Linux machine. We did not test the 32 bit version because we don't have a machine to test it and sure you can test it under vms but we simply think that this is not 100 percent accurate because a vm isn't a system which is used over many months with the typical quirks of a system but … we might be wrong with our thinking. What I want to say: If you have a 32 bit Linux system it would be great if you could write us feedback and if you run into any problems we'll try to figure it out :D The 64 bit build was tested under Lubuntu (I love it :3). The pc for the Lubuntu is also our weakest machine and it worked pretty well (the highest resolution was a little bit too much and the animations had a slight stutter but 1600x900 worked great), so we have system requirements! Minimum is a J3060 (1.6 ghz (but it should also work on weaker systems)) and recommended is an astonishingly powerful G3900 (the two cores with 2.8 ghz rock the blocks!) We don't have a machine with under 2 gb of ram but it should work greatly even with one or less we think because it never used more than 300 mb ram. If you have 2 GB ram or more you have plenty.

Yada yada yada… technical stuff aside we also changed other stuff. There was one button in the english localisation which was still in german (it read 'Arbeiter einstellen' instead of 'Hire worker') and some typos in both languages. We also changed some phrases because I didn't like the wording and in some cases adjusted the speed of the text changes.

The only thing which is noticeably new though is a new worker you can hire and I think he is really cute :D


We thought about a worker in a panda like design but the results were just a little bit too weird. Nevertheless I wanted to show them :D


And now we're finished with Flufftopia! Just kidding, we are thinking of lots of things which we can change and there is still a second game mode which we want to introduce and a lot of other things (some graphical options for example) but it will take us some time to make it as good as possible. For the moment we just wanted to fix some little problems and make it accessible for more platforms (if we had a mac we would show some mac love but we are poor). We also made a new trailer. The old one was made in about 30 minutes because we wanted to release the game on the 6th of March and had some weird bugs in the end which took way too much time fixing. The whole launch was a little bit rushed unfortunately so … yeah here is the new trailer!

There are two bugs which we are aware of which aren't fixed (yet) but they are not gamebreaking and only minor things. Sometimes the fluffcoins per second display reads something like 46,000001 but if you hire a new worker for a building it goes away and it doesn't have any impact whatsoever.

The other bug happens only on rare occasions. This bug could also be interpreted as intended and you can finish the game without any problems nevertheless. It only showed up sometimes when we were testing internally and we don't have any reports about it yet, so we think it's fine if we fix it in the next update. Please be a little bit patient when we can't figure the problems out on the spot – Angela is using Unity for about two months now and has no programming background at all. We are still learning :D

Nevertheless if you run into any problems write us an email! protagonist@smokesomefrogs.com

We will work on new projects but the 1.2 of Flufftopia will arrive in a few weeks! :D

If you haven't downloaded the game, do it! :D It's free: https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/flufftopia


- New worker!
- A little fix for an upgrade (the second mine upgrade)
- A graphical fix (one of the clouds had outlines?)
- Some text edits (pacing, typos, wording)
- Windows is now 'only' x86 for better compability
- Linux build (x86 and x86_x64)
- The credits music is now a little bit louder

08.03.2018 - by Daniel


Another quick update - at the end of the weekend we will release a little update (fixing an error in the english localization and a tiny content update (there is a concept for one of the workers which absolutely needs to be in the game)) before the bigger update (where we will try to make a working Linux build) and try to make it playable on x86 systems :D

At the moment we hit 300 downloads and are really happy and grateful :D We really didn't expected so much downloads in the short time frame :)
Thank you!

07.03.2018 - by Daniel


A little update on the release of Flufftopia! At the moment we have over 100 Downloads and Leafo from Itch.io was so kind to put us in the fresh releases section so we are on the frontpage which is absolutely awesome! :D

We are really happy and at the moment we don't have many bug reports and they are only minor issues which will be fixed in the next update! We will try to make a Linux build and test it on our Linux machine but we don't know if it will work and we don't want to put something out which just doesn't work!

So – if you haven't already downloaded the game, do it! It's free! :D



06.03.2018 - by Daniel


It's released :D After some hiccups it's finally done!
You can download it here!

It's free :D

05.03.2018 - by Daniel


A new part of our Dev Diary is online :D

02.03.2018 - by Daniel

Today the release is a little bit sooner and we started testing :D We wanted to start the testing phase yesterday but we needed a little bit more time because the savesystem had some hiccups. The localization is also a problem but we will fix it :D

Music is more or less complete. In the next days MadameYavi will cut a trailer for the game and I'm going to work on stuff like descriptions for Itch.io etc.

In the next days we will focus on bugs and polish. At the moment we don't know if we can manage to release the game with the second gamemode but if this is the case we will make an updated version some time in the future. The second gamemode isn't necessery per se but would be nice to have :)

26.02.2018 - by Daniel


our first devlog on Youtube is released :) Feedback would be really awesome :D

23.02.2018 - by Daniel

Hey :D

At the moment we have finished the work approximiatly to 80% and we can announce that Flufftopia will be released at Itch.io on 6th of March. We will release it a few days later also on Gamejolt and IndieDB but we wanted to focus our little launch on Itch.io. I also wanted to announce that we will start weekly devlogs on YouTube – not only related to single projects but the project SmokeSomeFrogs on a whole – you can subscribe to us here.

Next week we will start testing. If you want to participate, write an email to protagonist@smokesomefrogs.com :)
So that's it! The next post won't be on friday but on Monday (with the YoutubeDevlog) :D

16.02.2018 - by Daniel


Flufftopia will be released soon, I think we will manage to release it in the end of February on Itch.io and Gamejolt. Other platforms will follow maybe. At the moment we still didn't implement the story and some other features but Angela worked a lot on the UI and the savesystem to make sure that the foundation works fine. We implemented some cute graphics for the workers (one of the main gameplay mechanics) :D


Stay tuned!

12.02.2018 - by Daniel


We are working on a new small side-project - Flufftopia:) It's going to be an Idle Game but with a story and some more complex mechanics. At the moment we are halfway through development. The story needs still to be implemented but most of the underlying mechanics are working. The graphical assets are also nearly done. For a impression of the art-style - here's one of the backgrounds :D


We think that we will be able to release the game in the end of February or maybe in the beginning of March. The main idea behind the game is that you need to transform Flufftown – a town you are managing - into a even larger eponymous Flufftopia. And a bit more but I won't spoil you! The game will be available in German and English and it will be free :D

Next week I will post more :)

02.02.2018 - by Daniel


Nothing really new at the moment in regards of Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone. We are working hard on the new game right now but after that we will fully concentrate on Devastated :D I will post a new entry to the devlog when we really start working on Devastated again, I think around the end of february :) But I have two screenshots which show the progress of the art :D



25.01.2018 - by Daniel

Hey, I know it's been a while since my last entry to this devlog and many things have changed since then. First order of business: Christopher is no longer part of our team. Don't worry, we talked about it and everyone considered this to be the best of options.

Secondly, we're now working without an dedicated programmer. Madame Yavi, responsible for the art, is now learning Unity and I myself am looking into GameMaker (both of us released a small game each. You can find mine here, the one Madame Yavi made was more of a project for the community.)
So... What now?
At the moment we are working on a small side project before moving on with Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone. We hope that we're able to release Devastated in Q1 of 2018 and will try hard to make that happen, but we'll see what the future has in store for us.
At the moment we have a lot of fun figuring out the different engines and trying out many things. So, to summarize: 'Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone' isn't dead but it may be delayed for two or three weeks :D
That's it!
Next week more, I promise :D

20.12.2017 - by Daniel


First of all - sorry! I know I wanted to make a post every week but it was quite stressful and yeah ... here it finally is!

The scripts for most of the voice-files are pretty much done. It's not yet fully complete nor are they final but it is enough to start recording (of course we will probably change/add stuff during the next weeks but that is part of the process).

Another big thing is the change of our engine. For our last game as well as the alpha versions of Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone (or simply DAD) we used LibGDX. However we decided to switch to Unity since the whole development-process seems to be a lot faster.
If we are going to be successful with DAD, we would need to buy a license but first of all we need to be successful and the game will be PWYW/free, so financial success won't be a 'danger'.

Angela is going to draw quite a lot for the rest of the week. In the last days there wasn't really much progress in terms of art because she spent a lot of time working on the website.
Here is a new scene from the game!


Angela spent a lot of time optimizing and making sure everything looks good on the website :D Non-responsive websites are still a thing in 2017 ~

Christopher spent some time to further optimize Intra-System. Even though it already performs great on low-end machines, he wanted to increase the performance on older PCs even more. There was a little stutter with the animations at the end of the game (only noticeable on old PCs) and this should be fixed with it, as well as some more minor changes :D

Also thanks to Imagoala, she fixed some errors in the scripts. I need to practise more English (no worries, for the game everything will be checked :D) and I'm watching and reading a lot to improve it (cliffski.com is great, also Jeff Vogels Blog)

It will be a little calm here until the start of the new year, mainly because of christmas and new years (visiting family & stuff like that) :).
However with the beginning of the new year we should manage to post weekly ^o^

4.12.2017 - by Daniel

Hey :D

I want to show you our new project: Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone. We have been working on the project since September and plan to release it for free in Q1 of 2018. It will be available for Windows and Linux!

At the moment we are halfway down the road. We needed some time to figure out the art style but we are relatively sure that we won't change much of the direction from now on.


Right now we have finished most of the soundtrack, one quarter of the soundeffects, half of the graphical assets (but we need to revise some of these graphics) and one quarter of the text finished. In the first months we mainly focused on gameplay. It may be a little bit confusing why a Point and Click Game needs this much time for the gameplay but we wanted to ensure the best possible experience. Our last game, Intra-System: Trust Issues, suffered a bit in this regard and we wanted to optimize it from the start.

I'm working mostly on the story (but also on audio and some other things; our roles within the team aren't really defined, especially not mine) and trying to convey the narrative in the best possible way. I want to write majority of the script this week.

Due to the fact that all of the scenes are made in 4K Madame Yavi has some technical difficulties which slow down the process (the old AMD FX aren't great at handling Photoshop (or Photoshop isn't great at working with these cpus)). Also, we want to create some gifs to give the right impression of the setting.

Chris is currently figuring out ways to make the game more performant but working with OpenGL can be a pain in the ass sometimes. We also want to ensure not only that the loading times of the game are relatively short but also that the player doesn't need to wait for a new scene. Especially the 4K resolution may cause some problems. We hope that we manage to finish the beta this year but we will have to see how it goes. We need to do almost all of the voicefiles soon but this shouldn't be a big deal.

So, that's it! :D I want to update this devlog every monday at least but hopefully I'll manage to do it more often!