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11.05.2019 - by Daniel

I made a new devlog video some days ago! I still want to have better quality but I think this will come naturally over time :)

If you haven't downloaded Intra-System: Trust Issues yet, you can download it here: https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/intra-system-trust-issues

28.04.2019 - by Daniel

Intra-System: Trust Issues version 1.2 "Repolished, Remastered, Repurposed" is out now! :D Thanks a lot to Angela and Devon but especially to Chris!

- Fixed a problem that crashed the game
- Added another piece of music (it's a remix made by Devon!)
- Performance improvements (loads even faster! On some systems the loading times are under 2 seconds)
- Corrected a lot of misspellings in the English version
- Changed a little bit of the text to fit the game more
- Some volumes of the voice acting were adjusted
- Changed loading screen
- Adjusted some waiting times
- Fixed an error in the English UI
- Minor stuff changed
- New loading screen (the old one isn&apos:t usable because it loads too fast)

The game is now much more polished. A good time to dive into the game another time and the best time to check it out first time!

You can download it here for free: https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/intra-system-trust-issues

01.04.2019 - by Daniel

New video :D I made a Youtube Devlog. Check it out if you want :)

29.03.2019 - by Daniel

Last time I wrote: "Long time no see! Sorry – this won't happen again that soon (hopefully)."

I can just repeat this statement and hope that it becomes true this time :D Nevertheless I made a Youtube Devlog which you can check out!

Most of the time I'm working alone these days. I'm engaged and happy! Angela and I seperated last August completely and it was good decision for both of us but we still work together a lot of times. I will help her with marketing tasks and she will help me to find bugs and optimize performance in my games. I'm working on a game at the moment which will be released in a couple of months. I'm still working on the exact style of the game. At the moment, I don't want to speak more about the game but this will change over time.


And I want to announce the 1.2 of Intra-System: Trust Issues! Soon!

11.05.2018 - by Daniel

Long time no see! Sorry – this won't happen again that soon (hopefully). Due to the fact that we were in Berlin at the A MAZE. and visited Poland after that our schedule was a bit all over the place. But we have made two videos nevertheless – first of all our new DevDiary video and second the A MAZE.-Video, check it out if you want to! :)

We make a lot of progress on different things – Angela is doing a lot for Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone and I'm very happy with the new direction because it looks much better than the old art.


We put a lot of emphasis on animation so that the whole game should give you a vivid impression of the story.


Sure enough, we still need to start recording the voice part but at the moment I'm happy with the progress and I hope that we will release the game this month. But we don't want to announce anything yet and give it some freedom to evolve.

Angela also started learning to work with ProBuilder in Unity to help me when we will focus on 3D games – I will do everything related to more complex modelling but Angela can do the basic leveldesign and this should definitely speed up the development. I made a basic sink which is more or less finished right now and I'm practicing everyday.


It will take a bit longer but I'm really confident with this. It wasn’t really that useful when I was learning programming and would only have been applicable in the future and I had no real visual progress. With 3D modelling I can help with future progress and do visual art – something which I never had really access to. I really can't draw so 3D modelling is the best way for me to learn.

We also wanted to thank you for over 3000 Flufftopia downloads! This number is incredible and we never had expected this success. By the way – Angela also started a blog and she will report a bit broader about our progress. I often focus on one project and she thought it would be neat to have a wider perspective. You can look it up on her tumblr or on Steemit! :)

Until next week :D

23.04.2018 - by Daniel

Our game is out now! You can download it here https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/run-for-love


After 72 hours the game jam ends now and we are very happy :D We didn't manage to include a German build and a Linux version but we will put one online after the rating ends. Our speed devlog experiment worked fine and we think that we will do it again - maybe next Ludum Dare? We also made a video about our progress. If you want to you can watch it :D

We also wanted to have more characters, more levels, more more more but we finished it and that's the goal :)

22.04.2018 - by Daniel

Our next video is out now :D

We made some more models and got some sleep :D 21 hours to go - wish us luck :'D

22.04.2018 - by Daniel

We are making progress :D So far we have the basic level layout, some code, some objects and 2D stuff for the dating sim part :D We never did 3D before so we are a bit slow especially in regards to texturing but we learned a lot on the way. I think we will manage to complete the game in time, maybe not with Linux support and maybe not in German but completed.

Hopefully everyone has a nice jam!



21.04.2018 - by Daniel

Hey there,

Ludum Dare started and we thought it would be a neat idea to write a devlog and post one or two entrys a day :D We also make a YouTube video about our progress everyday. You can check out the first one if you want to!

Today was a slow day for us because we went to the birthday party of my grandmother and it's a very long distance for us. We woke up ten minutes before the jam began (three o'clock in the morning in Germany) and discussed the theme in first train we took. We had ideas about a Point & Click racing game (an idea we‘ve been thinking about for quite a long time now for no particular reason), a mashup of a shooter and a dating sim, a horror tower defense game and many more. But none of them stuck with us for different reasons but then I came up with the idea of a mashup of a 3D platforming game and a dating sim with some really weird elements. This idea is perfect for us because I can make 3D models (something I started to learn recently), Angela can make 2D art for the textures and the dating part, it shouldn't be super hard to program (hopefully!) and we can expand or shrink the concept if we need to. We planned on making 3D games in the future nevertheless so it‘s a perfect opportunity to start learning! We want to release it for Windows and Linux but if we don't have enough time left for proper testing we will only make a Windows build (but add a Linux build after the jam). If we have enough time left we are also going to make a German localization but we will see how it is going.

We now have some basic 3D models, some textures and many ideas which we want to implement! We don‘t have that much to show yet though because we‘ve been on the road all day. But this will, of course, change very soon. So, wish us luck :D The next days are going to be interesting :) Until later and happy jamming!

Programs we will be using to make the game:

- Photoshop
- Blender
- Unity 2017
- Visual Studio 2017
- Audacity
- FL Studio
- Visual Studio
- Open Office

20.04.2018 - by Daniel

Hey folks, we changed some of the plans regarding Devastated and decided to make a narrative piece instead of a more traditional Point & Click game. It will be a bit like a walking simulator but in the boundaries of a Point & Click game. We decided this way because we simply weren't happy with the old idea anymore and that meant: change it or scrap it. We changed it and we think the new concept might be even more interesting :D

I hope the game will be finished in the next 2-3 weeks but no promises here! The title won't change and the artstyle will also stay the same. We also have a new video where we speak a bit about the development of Devastated and show some of the process how we are doing the art now :)

Also here's one of the new scenes!

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