A collection of all our mini-projects, including games made in game jams and other very small projects. Click the pictures to get to the store-pages where you can download the games for free!
News or Truths
News or Truths is a short story game and all about decisions.

We made it in about 24 hours at the FakeJam2018 in Berlin and made a relatively large update one week after release. The update consisted of the German localisation, a Linux-version, a start menu, a few new graphics and overall improvements but we kept the game experience itself pretty close to the jam-version.

You are a fresh journalist and need to write news. But then you get some... special offers and need to decide.
Run for Love is a 3D Platformer / Dating Simulator mashup.

It was made in three days for the Ludum Dare 41. The theme was "combine 2 incompatible genres". We thought this mashup would be nice and weird. It's a very short game - one playtrough should take about five minutes..

After stalking your crush for three weeks now you finally gathered the courage to ask her out. And surprisingly, she agreed!
Run for Love
SOULMORPH is not a game. We think.

Made at the Berlin Mini Jam at A MAZE. / Berlin 2018 in about six hours. A short experimental game(?). Themes chosen: "THAT's not a REAL game!" and "What is this device?". It has four endings and two buttons.

This device can transform your soul. A simple button press can change it entirely.