Daniel da Silva aka Moaning_Clock

Heya! I'm Daniel.

I don't want to talk about my age. I love hardware. Apart from SmokeSomeFrogs I write horror stories. But they all are in German, so you probably won't read them.

I'm responsible for everything at SmokeSomeFrogs and I want to continue to make experimental games!


Frequent Collaborators and former Team Members

Angela Reinert aka MadameYavi

Howdy, my name is Angela.

Right now I'm 23 years old but let's just pretend that I'm still 18. I hate getting older. I love rubber ducks though! And guinea pigs!

I help Daniel out with different stuff from time to time. I also make games on my own. Besides that I cook very often, don't get enough sleep and do boring stuff that everyone else does.

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(I mostly write in German btw - I don't want to have several accounts because I'm a lazy piece of garbage. Sorry for that.)

Devon Wolters

Hi, I'm Devon.

I write books. And stories. And I produce audiobooks. And I also (kind of) work on game related stuff. Nice.

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Christopher Schmidt

Hey, I'm Christopher.

I wrote the code for Intra-System: Trust Issues, also contributed a lot to the game design and wrote code for some SmokeSomeFrogs prototypes :)
Before that I made a bunch of mobile games but at the moment, I'm focussing on my bachelor's degree.