My new game Sonucido: The Mage has a Steam page now!


A couple of days ago, I published the Steam page for my new game "Sonucido: The Mage".

It's a turn-based, grid-based Dungeon Crawler RPG in 3D with 2D sprites. The game is a big step in many ways for me. I did a 3D game before, Entangled, but it was poorly hacked together. This is the first time I'm programming a big game.

When I thought about what the next game could be I had a couple of ideas and the Dungeon Crawler one seemed the hardest. So I did go for it and started development on the 2nd of December. :'D Initially, I wanted to create a small game that I could do until the end of the year but quickly scraped that idea and planned for a bigger game.

I aim for a release before Q4 2021 - although I would delay it, if it is necessary.

This time my fiancee will help me even more with the game and will do the cutscene art for the game. The style will be in the vein of the boxart.

If you are interested in this type of game, check out the Steam page and add it to your wishlist!

Coverart of SmokeSomeFrogs' next game Sonucido: The Mage

Also, my game Bring Back The Sun will receive a major update somewhen in February!


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