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My new game Sonucido: The Mage has a Steam page now!

A couple of days ago, I published the Steam page for my new game "Sonucido: The Mage".

It's a turn-based, grid-based Dungeon Crawler RPG in 3D with 2D sprites.
The game is a big step in many ways for me.

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2020 - A Postmortem for the year!

Hey everyone!

2020 was a rough year for many people. For me not so much tbh, since most of my days are spent on the computer anyways. Sure, most of the planned vacations and the backup vacations were cancelled but overall it was a good year for me.

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The first blog post!

This is the first blog post on the new website for SmokeSomeFrogs!

My fiancee worked hard to remake the whole thing and now it is more modern, better optimized for mobile and loads faster! Thank you very much!

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