Bring Back The Sun is a simple but challenging 2D Platformer.

The focus in this game is on jumping right and only that.
No enemys, no spikes, no wall jumps, no double jumps.
Just simple jumps to get through the levels.

You can expect 1-3 hours playtime for your first run depending on your skill level.

This is our latest game. Get it now on Steam or

1.2.2 Version - Engine Update!

- Upgraded from Godot 3.2.2 to Godot 3.2.3
- Improved the readability in one instance in the English localization
- Some minor code improvements which don't affect performance

1.2.1 Version - Soundtrack + Update!

- Soundtrack is now available!
- Reduced filesize over 10%
- Fullscreen setting is now saved
- Fixed a bug relating to the F-Keys
- Small improvements to the English wording
- Small visual and code changes
- Made using an Azerty, Azeri and Svorak Keyboards better and completed the Dvorak Keyboard!

1.2.0 Version - Looking into a sharp future!

- I got rid of filtering the tiles and now the game looks a lot sharper!
- Newly designed tiles added to increase the visual variety
- Change the music and sound volume from your keyboard (F1/F2)
- You can instantly go to the reset save menu - this should be nice for speedrunners (F7)
- You can now quit the game directly and skip the menu (F8)
- I moved the screenshot key from tab to F6
- You can now disable the F1-F8 keys in the settings if it is causing problems with your setup
- Reduced the filesize over 5%
- I reduced the standard volume of the music and sound to the 75% setting
- A lot of code improvements and cleanup
- Performance improvements overall (there are 1-2 places where the performance is a bit worse but overall it's better)
- Some graphical adjustments
- The sun looks different now
- Layout of the menu improved

1.1.1 Version - Change your appearance! :D

- Now, you can change your appearance (i)
- You can switch the window size while playing (F4)
- A lot of code cleanup
- Deleted a few unnecessary files
- Small visual change in the Winter level
- Fixed an oversight where the player could play without a language selected

1.1.0 Version - Winter Update!

- Added the winter autorunner level
- Added new music for the Gatekeeper level
- Changed one instance were the text was too big in the German and Dutch translation
- Some graphical adjustments and code changes

1.0.8 Version - Quality of Life Update!

- The game window now starts centered
- Fixed an irrelevant bug related to the sound settings
- Now, you can turn VSync off
- Now, you can show your FPS (F3)
- Fixed a typo in the Brazilian Portuguese translation

1.0.7 Version - Portuguese available! Obrigado!

- European Portuguese added
- Subtle modification of the Kenney Future Font to improve readability
- Small changes to a few text placements
- Two changes to the Brazilian Portuguese translation
- One change to the English translation
- Various adjustments and improvements

1.0.6 Version - Mini Update

- Fixed cut off text in the Brazilian Portuguese translation
- Fixed one typo in the Brazilian Portuguese translation
- Adjusted some text boxes
- Minor graphical adjustments

1.0.5 Version - Brazilian Portuguese

- Added Brazilian Portuguese as language thanks to my translator Jose Victor Araujo
- Improved one sentence in the English translation
- Deleted/Improved some code (thank me later for the nanosec I saved you)

1.0.4 Version - Mini Update

- Steam Cloud Saves added
- Small text fix for the Dutch version (verder spelen wasn't shown correctly at the hardmode door)
- Deleted the predefined Godot icon because I don't use it and so it was just wasted space

1.0.3 Version

- Save deletion now needs confirmation
- Startscreen bugfix
- Code cleanup
- Graphical adjustments in one or two instances
- Corrected tiny bit in the Dutch translation

1.0.2 Version - From vvvvvrrrrrr to mmmmmm

- A couple graphical adjustments
- Removed some unnecessary stuff that was leftover
- Small bits of code cleanup
- Changed/Deleted code. This should increase CPU performance in some cases but it's negligible
- Fixed a bug that was introduced when I improved the sound settings
- Changed internal settings that reduce the load on your GPU and CPU (maybe your laptop fan is now going mmmmmmmmmm instead of vvvvvvvrrrrr)

1.0.1 Version

- Reduced the filesize over 40%!
- Steam Remote Play on TV added
- Finally, I fixed an irrelevant bug relating to the credits
- Fixed various text messages that were too large
- Corrected/Changed some sentences in English and Spanish
- Small graphical adjustments
- Added Spanish translation for the settings (thanks to my translator Marcelo Escobar!)
- Made one level a little bit easier because it was unfair if you were a little bit slow
- Small bits of code cleanup
- Changed the file format to tar.gz for the Linux version (the 0.9.0 and 0.9.1 had that but I didn't do it for the 1.0.0 (but now it is!))

1.0.0 Version - 18th November 2020

- Windows version added
- A bug fix related to the gate
- Dutch translation
- Spanish translation
- Improved English translation
- Added more sound settings
- Some minor graphical adjustments
- Improved code quality
- Bunny Hop and Deathhead Switch settings are now saved
- Music and Sound settings are now saved

0.9.1 Version - Linux only

This release contains various fixes and adjustments.

I think that I got rid of a crash bug but I'm not sure if it was in the 0.9 version of the game or introduced later.

0.9.0 Version - First Release on - Linux only