Bring Back The Sun - a game by SmokeSomeFrogs

1.2.0 Version - Looking into a sharp future!

- I got rid of filtering the tiles and now the game looks a lot sharper!
- Newly designed tiles added to increase the visual variety
- Change the music and sound volume from your keyboard (F1/F2)
- You can instantly go to the reset save menu - this should be nice for speedrunners (F7)
- You can now quit the game directly and skip the menu (F8)
- I moved the screenshot key from tab to F6
- You can now disable the F1-F8 keys in the settings if it is causing problems with your setup
- Reduced the filesize over 5%
- I reduced the standard volume of the music and sound to the 75% setting
- A lot of code improvements and cleanup
- Performance improvements overall (there are 1-2 places where the performance is a bit worse but overall it's better)
- Some graphical adjustments
- The sun looks different now
- Layout of the menu improved

1.1.1 Version - Change your appearance! :D

- Now, you can change your appearance (i)
- You can switch the window size while playing (F4)
- A lot of code cleanup
- Deleted a few unnecessary files
- Small visual change in the Winter level
- Fixed an oversight where the player could play without a language selected

1.1.0 Version - Winter Update!

- Added the winter autorunner level
- Added new music for the Gatekeeper level
- Changed one instance were the text was too big in the German and Dutch translation
- Some graphical adjustments and code changes

1.0.8 Version - Quality of Life Update!

- The game window now starts centered
- Fixed an irrelevant bug related to the sound settings
- Now, you can turn VSync off
- Now, you can show your FPS (F3)
- Fixed a typo in the Brazilian Portuguese translation

1.0.7 Version - Portuguese available! Obrigado!

- European Portuguese added
- Subtle modification of the Kenney Future Font to improve readability
- Small changes to a few text placements
- Two changes to the Brazilian Portuguese translation
- One change to the English translation
- Various adjustments and improvements

1.0.6 Version - Mini Update

- Fixed cut off text in the Brazilian Portuguese translation
- Fixed one typo in the Brazilian Portuguese translation
- Adjusted some text boxes
- Minor graphical adjustments

1.0.5 Version - Brazilian Portuguese

- Added Brazilian Portuguese as language thanks to my translator Jose Victor Araujo
- Improved one sentence in the English translation
- Deleted/Improved some code (thank me later for the nanosec I saved you)

1.0.4 Version - Mini Update

- Steam Cloud Saves added
- Small text fix for the Dutch version (verder spelen wasn't shown correctly at the hardmode door)
- Deleted the predefined Godot icon because I don't use it and so it was just wasted space

1.0.3 Version

- Save deletion now needs confirmation
- Startscreen bugfix
- Code cleanup
- Graphical adjustments in one or two instances
- Corrected tiny bit in the Dutch translation

1.0.2 Version - From vvvvvrrrrrr to mmmmmm

- A couple graphical adjustments
- Removed some unnecessary stuff that was leftover
- Small bits of code cleanup
- Changed/Deleted code. This should increase CPU performance in some cases but it's negligible
- Fixed a bug that was introduced when I improved the sound settings
- Changed internal settings that reduce the load on your GPU and CPU (maybe your laptop fan is now going mmmmmmmmmm instead of vvvvvvvrrrrr)

1.0.1 Version

- Reduced the filesize over 40%!
- Steam Remote Play on TV added
- Finally, I fixed an irrelevant bug relating to the credits
- Fixed various text messages that were too large
- Corrected/Changed some sentences in English and Spanish
- Small graphical adjustments
- Added Spanish translation for the settings (thanks to my translator Marcelo Escobar!)
- Made one level a little bit easier because it was unfair if you were a little bit slow
- Small bits of code cleanup
- Changed the file format to tar.gz for the Linux version (the 0.9.0 and 0.9.1 had that but I didn't do it for the 1.0.0 (but now it is!))

1.0.0 Version - 18th November 2020

- Windows version added
- A bug fix related to the gate
- Dutch translation
- Spanish translation
- Improved English translation
- Added more sound settings
- Some minor graphical adjustments
- Improved code quality
- Bunny Hop and Deathhead Switch settings are now saved
- Music and Sound settings are now saved

0.9.1 Version - Linux only

This release contains various fixes and adjustments.

I think that I got rid of a crash bug but I'm not sure if it was in the 0.9 version of the game or introduced later.

0.9.0 Version - First Release on - Linux only