The Blood Mage is a turn-based Puzzle/RPG hybrid where you need to find a path to the powerful blood crystal.

You play as a blood mage which means that every spell you cast is draining your life essence; your health doubles as your mana pool.

The path you take and the order in which you encounter the fights is the puzzle you need to solve. You can use everything strategically, items and enemies alike. It is normal that you have to restart more than once. Next time you will get further! Get it now on Steam.

1.1.5 Version - Three Bugs Fixed

- Fixed a bug if you got killed by your own spell while fighting and reloaded, you couldn't interact with enemies anymore
- Fixed a bug if you got killed, reloaded and leveled up between the save and the point where you died, you could have a spell equipped which you didn't already had after reloading
- Fixed a bug which would prevent multiple level ups if you had already chosen all spells

1.1.4 Version - Better Turns

- Removed a cheat
- Added turn counting to various activities
- You can look up the turns with F3
- The display of the version number, fps and (now) turns which opens when you hit F3, does not close anymore if you leave an area

1.1.3 Version - Few Fixes!

- Shortened two phrases in the settings in English and Portuguese since they were too long for the text box
- Fixed a bug which prevented selecting more than one spell if you leveled more than one level after one fight
- Fixed a bug which gave you the wrong spell if you selected the spells in a specific order
- Minor Code improvements

1.1.2 Version - Bug Fix & Minor Improvements

- Fixed a bug which messed up the reloading if you played the jam version
- Fixed a minor bug which prevented the player to use space to go through a certain hole in the jam dungeon
- Updated the credits
- Minor code improvements

1.1.1 Version

- Removed text for unused hotkeys in the help screen in the English localization
- Removed an unused object in one of the outside areas
- Removed two unused objects in the game selection area (where you can decide to play the normal or the jam version after you won)
- Removed an unused graphic
- Changed one word in the German help text
- Changed a sentence in the portuguese localization which too long and actually already was corrected but only in one of two instances
- Fixed a bug which displayed text from the option menu when you leveled up if you visited the face at the wall first and leveled in the same area
- Updated the license text
- Very minor code improvements

1.1.0 Version

- Enabled VSync by default
- Added the option to disable/enable it
- Added a display of the current level to the player stats
- The font size of the stats is a little bit smaller since it now needs to fit more characters
- The font size of the player stats gets a bit smaller if the player exceeds a certain level
- Added a line to the help text that tells the player that values reset if you leave an area
- Animated the Blood Sphere
- Added a light to the Blood Sphere which is visible on high
- Now, after you won the game the first time, you can access the original jam version (with the graphics upgrades)
- If you now toggle fullscreen and save it will be saved for your next session
- Minor code improvement