Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone - a game by SmokeSomeFrogs

Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone is best to be described as a Point and Click Walking Simulator with a dark setting.

We started working on it in September 2017 but abandoned the project for a long time. February 2020 we decided to work on it again and released it on February 20.

"Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Devastated: Andrew’s Dictaphone really impresses with its striking art style and intriguing narrative. A lot is left up to the player to interpret and you will be left with plenty of unanswered questions, but it’s a fascinating and strangely disturbing little game well worth checking out." - Free Game Planet

It is be available for free on Windows and Linux. Get it now on

Andrew standing besides the protagonist's babybed in the game Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone.
A bottle of beer and a notebook laying on a table in Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone.

Key Features

• Completely voice acted
• Beautiful art
• Dark narrative
• Novel genre approach