Flufftopia - a game by SmokeSomeFrogs

Flufftopia is a cute little clicker game with a story. Help Flufftown to grow and eventually become Flufftopia! But wait… could there be even more?

Your host Happy would love to accompany you and give advice!

A playthrough of the story of Flufftopia takes around 30 minutes to complete.

It's free and localised in English and German.

"But at some point, you will get the feeling, that something is off, that it's too easy. And then....well, play it it and you will see." - KaiSerKater

"This was supposed to be a happy game." - Lineyatronic

Get it now on Itch.io.

Startscreen of the game Flufftopia.
Flufftopia Screenshot showing the shop with upgrades and workers.

Key Features

• A rich story
• Several endings
• Cute graphics
• English and German localisation