Intra-System: Trust Issues - a game by SmokeSomeFrogs

This is the Intra-System: Trust Issues Presskit

Intra-System: Trust Issues is a short minimalistic Audio-Adventure based on decisions.

You co-operate with a system to communicate with an unknown person.
He communicates with you per voice messages and asks for advice as he passes through different rooms.

He trusts you.

Are you a nice person and willing to help him?

Every playthrough of this audio-adventure takes about 15 minutes to complete.
Your decisions have a great impact on the game and make every run unique.

The user interface of the game Intra-System: Trust Issues.
A piece of paper reading »No trust« - a collectable in the game Intra-System: Trust Issues.


Developer: SmokeSomeFrogs
Release Date: April 26th, 2017 / April 26th, 2019 updated to version 1.2!
Platform: Windows PC and Linux (via
Availability: Digital Download
Price: 3.99$
Languages: English, German

Websites: store page
Social: Twitter

Key Features

• fully voice acted in English and German
• discover different paths and endings
• make decisions that matter
• experience a novel genre approach
• find unique collectables
• find secrets and explore the hidden lore around the setting