Sonucido: The Mage - a game by SmokeSomeFrogs

Sonucido: The Mage is a turn-based, grid-based Dungeon Crawler RPG set in a weird world.

You have one quest: Find the mage and bring him back!
On your path into the depths of Sonucido you will find many different characters, enemies, secrets and more.

The game has multiple endings depending on your choices.

Instead of the typical party you have one character that you level up in the way you want.

Check out the Steam Page.

An enemy in the game Sonucido: The Mage.
The user interface of the game Sonucido: The Mage

Key Features

• Turn-based combat which is simple to grasp but hard to master
• Multiple endings depending on your choices
• Placed in a weird world
• One character that you will level up through the game
• Many unique enemy-types you need to overcome
• Dark atmospheric soundtrack